The pressure grows ever greater: economic globalization, energy demand, climate change, urbanization and an ever-growing population. In 2050, more than nine billion people will live on our planet. The world population and its demands will keep growing, while the planet’s resources are finite. If nothing changes, we will need the resources of almost three of our planets to meet the demands of the population. This will pose huge global challenges. Getting more from every acre is an urgent priority.

BASF is responding to this challenge with an ongoing push for supplying innovative products. We’re committing $416 million to increasing our production capacity for key crop protection products that meet rigorous standards for effectiveness and crop safety.

BASF is committed to investment in research and development, new chemistry and resources and tools to help growers, retailers and distributors, consultants, industry partners and students find the solutions they need.

The future demands new solutions. Be assured, BASF will be right there with you.

As a leading producer of agricultural products, BASF strives to support growers and exporters by offering practical information as they navigate the complexities of Maximum Residue Levels (MRL). Given today’s global economy we recognize the importance of having harmonized MRLs and convenient access to global information impacting business decisions. Key facts along with global MRL databases can be accessed here.


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