The Clearfield Production System for Wheat

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With more than 20 varieties, the Clearfield® Production System for wheat offers you a wide selection of certified seed options to ensure your success. Nothing controls tough weeds or manages feral rye better than Clearfield, powered by Beyond® herbicide. You can protect your investment in the field, reduce dockage and foreign matter and deliver a high-quality harvest to the elevator.

How The Clearfield Production System for Wheat Works

The Clearfield® Production System for wheat with Beyond® herbicide is the only complete, herbicide-tolerant system for wheat that effectively lets you control what you grow. The result is improved grain and land quality with broad-spectrum weed control, including the industry’s best management option for suppressing feral rye.

Fewer weeds in your field leads to improved yield, thereby helping you earn more on every acre. However, even in fields with low weed pressure, the Clearfield Production System for wheat may further increase and protect your profitability through improved grain quality, by effectively controlling weeds and contrasting classes of wheat (non-Clearfield) and by lowering the grain discounts due to dockage and foreign matter.

Features and benefits of the Clearfield Production System for wheat:

  • Provides broad-spectrum grass and broadleaf weed control, resulting in cleaner fields and greater yields
  • Reduces dockage due to presence of weed seed (e.g., jointed goatgrass) in the harvested grain
  • Reduces the potential for grain discounts by helping manage feral rye, leading to lower foreign matter percentage in the grain
  • Helps manage contrasting wheat classes in wheat fields

To preserve the long-term efficacy of the Clearfield wheat technology, certain stewardship practices must be followed. Clearfield wheat producers are asked to help protect and prolong the usefulness of this technology by following specific requirements and recommendations to help prevent weed resistance.

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Jointed goatgrass, downy brome, cheatgrass, feral rye*, volunteer cereals and many other grasses and broadleaf weeds.

For complete weed-control lists, please refer to the Beyond herbicide product label in the Clearfield® Production System for wheat.

*Suppression only


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