Cleaner fields, higher yields. Welcome to Clearfield Production Systems.

Clearfield® Production Systems help you get the toughest grasses and broadleaf weeds out of your fields and off your mind — protecting your return on investment in comparison to traditionally grown crops. Clearfield Production Systems deliver efficient, long-lasting weed control, crop quality and global market acceptance. From seed to harvest, you’ll have the power to get the most out of every acre.

Explore the Clearfield System for Your Crops

Clearfield Production Systems Maximize ROI

It’s no secret that in order to increase yields and profits, you have to eliminate weed competition in your field and in your grain. With Clearfield Production Systems, you can do just that. High-quality seed varieties and excellent residual weed control produce crops that reward you at the elevator with less dockage and higher yield quality.

Crop Innovation From the Name Growers Trust 

Clearfield Production Systems are one of only a few herbicide-tolerant systems recognized as nontransgenic by international authorities. This provides farmers with an effective agronomic tool along with the global market acceptance they want. BASF has established relationships with numerous seed companies throughout the United States who support Clearfield Production Systems and who offer an unmatched selection of crop varieties and hybrids to meet local grower needs. Simply put, Clearfield Production Systems provide the clearest route to high-yielding, high-quality and ultimately, more profitable crops.

The Clearfield Commitment to Stewardship

BASF is committed to delivering a top-quality Clearfield Production System that helps deliver maximum yield potential and remains effective for the long term. Stewardship guidelines exist for both the seed and chemistry, ensuring high seed quality and purity, as well as adequate crop tolerance to Beyond® herbicide.

Seed increase fields (foundation, registered and certified) are grown following strict guidelines to ensure that fields are free of noxious weeds and “off-type” crops. Therefore, the Clearfield Stewardship Agreement stipulates that growers must purchase new seed (registered or certified) every year from an authorized Clearfield seed retailer.

Chemistry stewardship is equally important. There are key agronomic practices that need to be followed for all Clearfield crops.

1.      Utilize crop rotation.

2.      Use herbicides with different modes of action. Do not solely rely on ALS-inhibiting herbicides, such as Beyond herbicide, for no more than two out of four years, unless other weed-control practices are implemented on target weed species.

3.      Properly manage weeds in crop-fallow rotation.

4.      Properly control volunteer Clearfield plants.

Always follow the specific stewardship guidelines designed for each crop.


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