Facing down challenges with herbicide support

February 13, 2012

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For a busy grower, the daily challenges of running an operation are more difficult to manage without good herbicide support. Indiana grower David Duttlinger looks to BASF for the backup he needs to face daily complications and weather-related obstacles.

“The innovation and technology in the chemicals BASF is coming out with help me immensely with my time management,” said Duttlinger. “We’re farming more acres and getting busier … I need chemicals that can work when I apply them, and I don’t have to sit and baby-sit throughout the year to make sure they continue to do their job.”

Duttlinger found the right fit with Sharpen® herbicide, powered by Kixor® herbicide technology. When a cool, wet spring affected his schedule, Duttlinger needed strong herbicide support, especially before the canopy effect took over. He used Sharpen on his soybeans and saw “excellent residual control.”

When Duttlinger first tested Sharpen, he saw clear results compared to his test strip, which was “flush” with chickweed. The fields treated with Sharpen were clean.

“This is my second year using Sharpen,” said Duttlinger. “I used it across all my acres this year and it did an excellent job … far surpassed my expectations compared to other products that I’ve used in the past.”

To learn more about Duttlinger’s experience and how he keeps his farm running smoothly, watch his full interview on our YouTube channel.

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