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Mar. 19, 2015
Education is Important in Consumer Appreciation of Seed Improvement

Food and agriculture dialogue today is heavily weighted toward what is purchased in grocery stores and placed on dinner tables across the country. Not often do you find consumers talking about food issues related to crop seed and seed technology.

Mar. 10, 2015
Industry Buzz: BASF Crop Protection Joins the Honey Bee Health Coalition

BASF has joined the Honey Bee Health Coalition, a growing and diverse group focused on improving the health of honey bees in North America. As a member, BASF will work with other Coalition members to improve bee health and protect the future of honey bees and the food supply.

Feb. 16, 2015
Navigating Uncertainties in Your Farming Operation

For all the projections, forecasts and analytics that allow you to make smarter decisions, you’re still subjected to a significant amount of risk and uncertainty every growing season.

You don’t know if a crop price will drop or rise. You can’t be certain if a drought or a flood will devastate your crops. You aren’t sure what commodity prices will do, whether the weather will cooperate. The difference between a successful season and an unsuccessful season is often a matter of one thing going wrong, even when everything else goes right.

While you can’t predict the future, you can prepare for it. That means proactively confronting and managing the various risks and uncertainties that can creep into nearly every grower’s operations.

Jan. 21, 2015
BASF Crop Protection Products Receive Industry Accolades

Three BASF crop protection products, Xanthion In-furrow fungicide, Headline AMP® fungicide and Sharpen® herbicide, were recently awarded top honors by agricultural trade media and growers.

Jan. 08, 2015
BASF Supports Feeding America

Agriculture is the heart of the BASF Crop Production business, and ensuring the agriculture industry thrives and that people have enough food to eat, is one of our top priorities. Feeding America provides food to people in need, which aligns well with the beliefs of BASF.


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