Take the Yield Advantage for a spin

July 18, 2012

Multi-year research trials in corn and soybeans have shown that a comprehensive pest-management program utilizing a combination of herbicides, fungicides and insecticides provides effective weed, disease and insect control to help maximize yields and profit.

In corn, using a BASF high-yield program that included Verdict™ herbicide and Headline AMP™ fungicide led to an average 11.7 bu/A increase when compared to an atrazine-based pre-mix treatment. In soybeans, using a BASF high-yield program – including Kixor® herbicide technology, Headline® fungicide and Respect® insecticide in 2010 and Priaxor™ fungicide and a new, not-yet-registered insecticide innovation in 2011 – the average yield increase across years was 6.8 bu/A when compared to a two-pass non-residual glyphosate-based program.

To see what 11.7 bu/A and 6.8 bu/A  increases in corn and soybeans, respectively, could mean for your bottom line, take our BASF Yield Advantage wheel charts for a spin.

For corn, click here.

For soybeans, click here.


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