Residual herbicides, strip tillage help Illinois farmer protect his land

October 15, 2012

Eric Scheuer

Eric Scheuer 170x80

Feeding the world’s growing population while protecting the land is a topic that’s never far from a farmer’s mind. Some farmers, such as Eric Scheuer, incorporate tilling practices and herbicides that minimally disturb the soil.

Scheuer grows corn and soybeans on 1,900 acres in Illinois. All of his acres are strip-tilled, and he depends on Verdict™ herbicide, powered by Kixor® herbicide technology, to keep waterhemp and tough winter annuals at bay.

“With Verdict herbicide, we’ve been able to make one pass along the corn,” said Sheuer. “We haven’t had to go out there and damage the corn or anything by making that second pass of glyphosate. It’s worked out pretty well.”

Scheuer seeks out chemistries that have been developed to preserve crops and the land.

“When I think innovation, I think [of] a company that’s coming in with new technologies,” said Scheuer. “Kixor herbicide has been one of those products that has really … been a good technology that’s come out.”

To learn more about how Scheuer puts BASF technology to the test, watch his testimonial here. Visit the Kixor herbicide technology product page to learn more about Verdict herbicide.

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