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November 27, 2012


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Disease control and Plant Health are critical to helping a crop reach its full potential of high yields and high quality. There is now a distinctive choice for farmers to use to cultivate strong, plentiful crops. Xemium® fungicide, one of the latest active ingredients from BASF, helps power Priaxor™ fungicide and Merivon® fungicide, two unique Plant Health fungicides that take crop protection to a whole new level.

Xemium fungicide forms rainfast reservoirs on leaf surfaces that allow it to distribute its unique chemistry throughout plant leaves over time. The active ingredient moves easily and quickly within plant leaves. This high level of mobility and distribution enables it to reach areas untouched by the initial application. Combined with its high level of activity, this mobility helps ensure longer-lasting, continuous protection and more consistent performance in terms of disease prevention and post-infection control.

Xemium fungicide is the active ingredient powering Priaxor™ fungicide for soybeans, potatoes and tomatoes and Merivon® fungicide for pome and stone fruits, including apples, peaches and cherries. A combination of the next-generation chemistry of Xemium fungicide and F500®, the same active ingredient as in Headline® fungicide and Pristine® fungicide, these products offer more continuous disease control, and Plant Health benefits. And research shows that Priaxor fungicide and Merivon fungicide provide more consistent performance.

Priaxor fungicide and Merivon fungicide join the portfolio of Plant Health products from BASF that includes Headline fungicide, Headline AMP® fungicide for corn, Twinline® fungicide for wheat and Pristine fungicide for specialty crops.

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Consult with your State Regulatory Agency regarding the status of registration of Priaxor fungicide and Merivon fungicide in your State.

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