Get the upper hand against resistant weeds this fall with Sharpen Herbicide

October 09, 2012

In more places than ever, and across a larger number of common species, weeds resistant to glyphosate are an ever-increasing problem, monopolizing the time and effort of more and more growers each year.

BASF understands the struggle growers’ face in ridding their fields of tough broadleaf weeds and grasses resistant to ALS inhibitors, triazines, and especially glyphosate, and develops innovations to help.  Powered by Kixor® herbicide technology, Sharpen® herbicide provides the fastest, most flexible and complete burndown of broadleaf weeds, especially Palmer amaranth and marestail.

A post-harvest treatment of Sharpen herbicide in the fall is a successful way to manage weeds. When coupled with a spring preemergent herbicide treatment, you minimize nutrient-robbing weeds and maximize your yield potential. Apply Sharpen herbicide in the fall to keep your fields clean and additions to seed banks to a minimum, thus reducing weed pressure in the spring.

With Sharpen herbicide on your side, you manage weed resistance instead of it managing you.

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