For California farmers, effective residual and post-applied herbicides are essential

November 12, 2012

Mike Pettigrew

Thirty years of experience in agribusiness gives a pest control advisor a strong sense of what makes a good herbicide. Longtime PCA Mike Pettigrew advises vineyard and orchard owners in California how to best protect their crops, and he sees BASF products as the best defense.

Pettigrew’s clients requested flexible pre-emergent herbicides with strong residual, as well as effective post-emergent herbicides that provide targeted, fast acting weed control. Pettigrew found a unique BASF portfolio centered on Prowl® H2O herbicide and Treevix™ herbicide, powered by Kixor® herbicide technology, ideal for the desired weed control  demanded

“BASF’s trials, as well as our own, have shown very effective control of tough weeds,” said Pettigrew.

“With the resistance issues that have developed with other products, I’m always looking for new products to use on these tough-to-control weeds,” said Pettigrew. “Treevix, in particular as a burndown, is one of these innovative products that works really well on the resistant weeds that we have out here.”

The farmers are particularly passionate about the effects of Treevix herbicide, praising it as a crop-safe product with powerful, broadleaf-weed-fighting power.

Treevix doesn’t leach in the soil, it does not volatilize,” said Pettigrew. “It’s a very safe product … my growers love the material, and it works very well for them.”

Pettigrew’s full testimonial is available on the BASFAgProducts YouTube page. Click on the product names to learn more about Treevix herbicide or Prowl H2O herbicide.

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