BASF Advanced Weed Control

November 08, 2012

Advanced Weed Control

Advanced Weed Control

As the next generation of tough broadleaf weeds and grasses continues to challenge growers everywhere, it’s clear that glyphosate alone is not enough.  And since weed species can vary from one crop to another and from one field to another, growers look for proven herbicides that work best on the weeds in their fields, whether they are resistant or not.

BASF Advanced Weed Control is here to help. The most complete herbicide portfolio available, BASF Advanced Weed Control delivers the most sites of action in the industry and superior, proven performance growers can rely on to keep their fields clean.

Visit the BASF Advanced Weed Control website today for:

  • Targeted product recommendations based on geography, crop and application timing
  • Expert opinions from growers and scientists, and examples of superior performance in your area
  • An easy way to locate your local BASF herbicide specialist

Tailored to work on computers, tablets and smartphones, growers can get the information they want when they need it.

Learn more at Bookmark the page to come back and see how we’re expanding the tool to help simplify smart, effective weed management.  

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