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Mar. 19, 2015
Education is Important in Consumer Appreciation of Seed Improvement

Food and agriculture dialogue today is heavily weighted toward what is purchased in grocery stores and placed on dinner tables across the country. Not often do you find consumers talking about food issues related to crop seed and seed technology.

Mar. 10, 2015
Industry Buzz: BASF Crop Protection Joins the Honey Bee Health Coalition

BASF has joined the Honey Bee Health Coalition, a growing and diverse group focused on improving the health of honey bees in North America. As a member, BASF will work with other Coalition members to improve bee health and protect the future of honey bees and the food supply.

Feb. 16, 2015
Navigating Uncertainties in Your Farming Operation

For all the projections, forecasts and analytics that allow you to make smarter decisions, you’re still subjected to a significant amount of risk and uncertainty every growing season.

You don’t know if a crop price will drop or rise. You can’t be certain if a drought or a flood will devastate your crops. You aren’t sure what commodity prices will do, whether the weather will cooperate. The difference between a successful season and an unsuccessful season is often a matter of one thing going wrong, even when everything else goes right.

While you can’t predict the future, you can prepare for it. That means proactively confronting and managing the various risks and uncertainties that can creep into nearly every grower’s operations.

Jan. 21, 2015
BASF Crop Protection Products Receive Industry Accolades

Three BASF crop protection products, Xanthion In-furrow fungicide, Headline AMP® fungicide and Sharpen® herbicide, were recently awarded top honors by agricultural trade media and growers.

Jan. 08, 2015
BASF Supports Feeding America

Agriculture is the heart of the BASF Crop Production business, and ensuring the agriculture industry thrives and that people have enough food to eat, is one of our top priorities. Feeding America provides food to people in need, which aligns well with the beliefs of BASF.

Jun. 30, 2014
Site of the Fight

The turn of the century brought with it what would become a major headache for growers in the United States: glyphosate resistant weeds. 

Jun. 12, 2014
Plant Health Winning Seasons Sweepstakes

What’s the best plan of attack to promote Plant Health in the face of severe weather? What’s the latest science behind Plant Health? How can the three pillars of Plant Health help maximize yield potential on your operation? The BASF Plant Health Winning Seasons Facebook page answers all these questions, and it gives growers the chance to win fun summer prizes!

May. 01, 2014
83% of NCGA National Corn Yield Contest Winners Used a BASF Plant Health Fungicide

BASF Plant Health fungicides, like Headline AMP® fungicide, made their mark at the 2013 NCGA National Corn Yield Contest, where 83 percent of the winners used a BASF Plant Health fungicide.

May. 10, 2013
Gary Fellows Aerial Applicator Interview

Gary Fellows, Ph.D., BASF Plant Health Technical Services Manager, plays an enthusiastic role in the company’s partnerships with the aerial application industry, including serving as a member of the National Agricultural Aviation Research & Education Foundation (NAAREF) Professional Aerial Applicators’ Support System (PAASS) Program Development Committee. We sat down with Dr. Fellows to discuss why BASF is a passionate supporter of aerial applicators.

Apr. 05, 2013
Growing Today for Tomorrow

While global consumption is on the rise, farmers are being tasked with producing more with less land, energy, and water while conserving our planet. BASF understands this challenge and applauds this amazing work farmers perform each and every day. 

Feb. 04, 2013
Managing Botrytis Inside Greenhouses During the Winter

Many growers experience infections caused by the fungal pathogen Botrytis cinerea during the late winter and throughout the spring months.

Dec. 12, 2012
From corn to wheat, BASF products offer complete weed solutions

Agronomist Rob Klueppel works on a range of crops on more than 20,000 acres. With a variety of crops grown, including corn, beans and wheat, Klueppel has his work cut out for him when advising growers about herbicides and fungicides.

Nov. 27, 2012
Products Join Best-in-Class BASF Plant Health Portfolio

Disease control and Plant Health are critical to helping a crop reach its full potential of high yields and high quality. There is now a distinctive choice for farmers to use to cultivate strong, plentiful crops. Xemium® fungicide, one of the latest active ingredients from BASF, helps power Priaxor™ fungicide and Merivon® fungicide, two unique Plant Health fungicides that take crop protection to a whole new level.

Nov. 12, 2012
For California farmers, effective residual and post-applied herbicides are essential

Thirty years of experience in agribusiness gives a pest control advisor a strong sense of what makes a good herbicide. Longtime PCA Mike Pettigrew advises vineyard and orchard owners in California how to best protect their crops, and he sees BASF products as the best defense.

Nov. 08, 2012
BASF Advanced Weed Control

As the next generation of tough broadleaf weeds and grasses continues to challenge growers everywhere, it’s clear that glyphosate alone is not enough.

Oct. 15, 2012
Residual herbicides, strip tillage help Illinois farmer protect his land

Feeding the world’s growing population while protecting the land is a topic that’s never far from a farmer’s mind. Some farmers, such as Eric Scheuer, incorporate tilling practices and herbicides that minimally disturb the soil.

Oct. 09, 2012
Get the upper hand against resistant weeds this fall with Sharpen Herbicide

In more places than ever, and across a larger number of common species, weeds resistant to glyphosate are an ever-increasing problem, monopolizing the time and effort of more and more growers each year.

Sep. 10, 2012
Planting this Fall? Remember to assess herbicide carryover risk

Before growers plant this fall, crop experts are encouraging them to evaluate their risk for possible herbicide carryover. The drought conditions for the 2012 growing season resulted in less herbicide degradation in soil, particularly with several different herbicide chemistries offered by multiple manufacturers.

Sep. 06, 2012
Farmers find the right timing with BASF products

Timing is of great importance in a farmer’s life, and planting crops within the proper time frame has an impact on success and yield. For fifth-generation farmer David Mohler, his family has invested a lot of time in their 2,600 acre corn and soybean farm in Frankfurt, Indiana.

Aug. 17, 2012
In With the New: Experimentation Essential to Long-term Growth

With a unique vantage into what growers want and need, chemical sales managers know the tricks of the agriculture trade. Growers look to sales managers like Brandon Grubbs, from B&D Chemicals of Central Illinois, for advice on how to kill weeds, fight disease and support Plant Health.

Aug. 10, 2012
Aviation and Agriculture: It's All in the Family at Valley Sprayers

For the Wharam family, life in North Dakota is rooted in agriculture. From the family’s aerial application business to son Chris’ role with BASF, family life and agriculture have always gone hand-in-hand.

Jul. 18, 2012
Take the Yield Advantage for a spin

Multi-year research trials in corn and soybeans have shown that a comprehensive pest-management program utilizing a combination of herbicides, fungicides and insecticides provides effective weed, disease and insect control to help maximize yields and profit.

Jul. 02, 2012
Priaxor Fungicide - Soybean Growers Enter a New World of Disease Protection

Priaxor™ fungicide, BASF’s latest innovation in disease protection, is a combination of the same active ingredient in Headline® fungicide and a new active ingredient: Xemium® fungicide. Xemium is continuously distributed throughout the leaf to help deliver the ultimate in disease protection. Priaxor gives soybean growers superior disease control, Plant Health benefits and more consistent yield increases.

Jun. 21, 2012
Headline® brings big ROI for Missouri Grower

Jack Holifield grows corn, cotton and soybeans on a 3,500-acre farm in Kennett, Mo. Most of the farm is minimum- or no-till, and he irrigates about 90 percent of the land. A few years ago, Holifield started using Headline® fungicide on his corn and soybeans for increased disease control and Plant Health benefits.


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