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May. 22, 2017
Global product launch logistics

For growers to be successful, they must constantly seek out the latest field innovation to help increase their productivity. For over 150 years, BASF has supported growers seeking higher and healthier yields with innovate crop protection technologies.

May. 19, 2017
Insect forecasting

In an instant, you can open an app for weather forecasts or check text alerts for market forecasts, but where do you turn for forecasting insect pests? All three subjects can impact farm operations and profitability, but the latter is much tougher to quickly gauge.

May. 19, 2017
New tech, smarter ag

If you were to chart a curve of innovation in agriculture today's data point would plot on the near-vertical line of exponential growth. The rate of new developments in ag tech had never been faster.

May. 18, 2017
7 tips to calibrate your orchard sprayer

Calibrating a sprayer is part of the crop protection product application process. But recent research done by ADAPTIV and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has shown that not all sprayers can be calibrated the same way.

May. 08, 2017
Top-of-mind questions for a successful season

With the growing season underway, excitement is brimming across America’s farmland. In all the hustle of planting and managing this year’s crops, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day details. While running a smooth operation does require a good grip of the little things, the big picture can’t fall out of frame in the process.


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