Two scholarship winners predict a bright future for sorghum

April 04, 2017

NSP BASF Scholarship Winners at Commodity Classic

What role do you see sorghum playing in agriculture?

This year, BASF partnered with the National Sorghum Foundation to seek answers to this question from college students. Abigail Arthaud of Keyes, Okla., and Cody Nedbalek of College Station, Texas,  were up to the task and, as a result, were awarded the first ever National Sorghum Foundation – BASF Scholarship.

Each student received the $2,500 scholarship to help fund their agriculture-related education.

Abigail Arthaud

Abigail is a senior at Oklahoma State University, studying agricultural communication. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a career as a public relations or communications representative for an agriculture company.

Abigail’s passion for agriculture began working alongside her father and grandfather on the family farm. While being involved in agriculture production instilled a yearning to advance the industry, Abigail discovered her talents better aligned with a communications degree. She believes that working for an agriculture-related company in that capacity will harmonize her abilities with her passions.

Additionally, Abigail is a student academic mentor for the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, guiding freshmen through an orientation class and facilitating small group discussions. As part of the President’s Leadership Council, she attends weekly leadership classes and takes part in service activities throughout the surrounding community.

Abigail believes sorghum will have a growing role in agriculture. She sees the grain increasing in popularity for human consumption and gaining a larger presence within ethanol production.

Cody Nedbalek

Cody Nedbalek is a graduate student at Texas A&M University studying biological and agricultural engineering. After graduating, he will pursue a career in product development for harvesting and processing.

Like Abigail, Cody was also born into a farming family. His homestead produces cotton and grain sorghum on over 6,000 acres of southern Texas soil each year. This laid the foundation for his devotion to the industry. In his future career, Cody hopes to be at the forefront of agricultural technology and machinery and is committed to helping develop new technologies that will further advance the industry.

Cody has taken on many leadership roles since entering college. As president of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, he is responsible for all activities within the society, including the department’s centennial event. Cody was also the departmental student leader during his undergraduate years, assisting with outreach and recruiting events.

Cody’s vision for sorghum’s future is bright. He believes the crop will play a vital role in biofuels, and he has conducted research projects at Texas A&M to bring that benefit to light.

The National Sorghum Foundation – BASF Scholarship recipients received their scholarship  during the 2017 Commodity Classic show in San Antonio.

“Our association is very proud of these motivated, young representatives supporting sorghum,” said Don Bloss, National Sorghum Producers Board Chairman. “It’s our pleasure to do our part in helping them pursue their careers.”


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