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April 10, 2017

Corn emergence

Growers have a love-hate relationship with weather. It can promote crop growth by supplying the right mixture of sun and rain, or it can devastate a field with ravenous winds and baseball-sized hail. Like it or not, Mother Nature has a hand in crop success.

This influence of weather extends to weed control efficacy. Early in the season, growers often find themselves relying on the weather to deliver enough rainfall to activate herbicides. Without the right amount, they may face a costly, timely respray if weed control falters.

Avoiding a respray begins with choosing the right herbicide option. Armezon® PRO herbicide from BASF is the most flexible corn herbicide on the market. The herbicide requires just a quarter inch of rainfall to activate, while other competitive herbicides can require up to a full inch. In meager weather events that don’t deliver that full inch of rain, growers with Armezon PRO herbicide in their line up can mitigate the risk of needing to respray.

Last year, some growers had this headache. A 2016 retailer survey found that, on average, 11.4 percent of two-pass corn acres got a respray. In contrast, only 0.5 percent of corn acres treated with Verdict® herbicide pre-emergence and Armezon PRO herbicide early post-emergence needed a respray. That’s a big difference-maker.

“We all know weather isn’t always predictable, especially when it comes to rainfall amount,” said Daniel Waldstein, Technical Marketing Manager, BASF. “Growers face so many risks and unknowns every summer. Armezon PRO herbicide and the Grow Smart portfolio of products can help mitigate some of those uncertainties.”

For the amount of rain to truly matter, it has to fall at the right time. During the optimum application window for post corn herbicides, weather records from the past decade show that growers are two-and-a-half times more likely to get a quarter-inch of rain than one inch of rain over a five-day period. Applying Armezon PRO herbicide can give growers better odds for success in these conditions and help reduce the risk for resprays.

“With weather uncertainty, growers need flexible herbicides with reliable activation,” said Waldstein. “By combining trustworthy activation with broad-spectrum weed control, growers can achieve season-long weed control.”

Beyond rain activation, Armezon PRO herbicide offers flexibility in application. With Armezon PRO herbicide, growers can make applications from pre-emergence to 30-inch tall corn. It has excellent handling, mixability, a low use rate and can be used on all corn types. Visit for more information.


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