Global product launch logistics

May 22, 2017

Glass greenhouses lit up at night

For growers to be successful, they must constantly seek out the latest field innovation to help increase their productivity. For over 150 years, BASF has supported growers seeking higher and healthier yields with innovate crop protection technologies.

While the road to registration for new crop products in the U.S. is unique, other countries have their own registration processes that are well established. Depending on the country, specific requirements need to be met before a product is approved for commercial use.

“Most countries have well established processes for assessing toxicity, environmental safety and exposure for products that are being brought to the market place,” said Luke Bozeman, Director, Research and Development Crop Protection, BASF. “In general, it’s a long process regardless of which country is evaluating the product for registration.”

Before BASF attempts to register a product in a new country, researchers evaluate the product and determine its effectiveness and how it works within specific crops of interest. They also look at how the product will add value to growers of a specific country. If the product is not relevant to the country’s needs, it is not developed for commercialization within that country.

When a product is being developed across multiple countries, BASF is able to source the data from those countries to develop a deeper understanding of performance. Each major country has their own testing network, which includes internal BASF testing and third party testing conducted by co-operators, universities and contract research providers.

“Sharing information builds a more complete understating of the performance profile of a product,” said Bozeman. “Seeing a product in different environments and different conditions develops a deeper understanding of how that product performs.”

Global data sharing can provide a more thorough understanding of a product’s performance and gives researchers leads or ideas for new product innovations. The strong relationships between the different countries benefit growers worldwide while helping to advance the industry’s goal of creating global food security.


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