BASF celebrates Earth Day

April 24, 2017

Earth Day

BASF Crop Protection recently celebrated Earth Day, a day that inspires and challenges people and companies alike to protect the environment. While Earth Day comes just once a year, at BASF, environmental sustainability is embedded in our culture and upheld every day by employees in our offices, production sites and fields across the country.

BASF understands the value of a healthy ecosystem. That’s why the company invests resources into supporting farmers in their role as stewards of the land, creating environmentally sound agricultural products and preserving biodiversity.

In 2016, BASF invested more than $500 million in in crop protection research and development. This investment helps spur the discovery and development of innovative products and technology that increase agricultural productivity and reduce unnecessary chemical use.

One of BASF’s most notable stewardship initiatives is the On Target Application Academy (OTAA). This program educates agriculture professionals on proper, effective and sustainable application practices. Since its inception in 2012, the OTAA has trained more than 15,000 farmers, retailers and applicators.

For farmers looking to increase biodiversity on their farms, the BASF Living Acres research initiative provides the tools and resources needed to help restore the monarch butterfly population. BASF research determined that farmers were uniquely positioned to positively impact monarch habitats by planting milkweed in non-crop areas of their land. Milkweed serves as the reproductive habitat for monarch butterflies and the only plant on which their larva feed.

To encourage action that starts at home, BASF distributed more than 750 milkweed seedlings to employees at its Research Triangle Park, North Carolina Crop Protection headquarters during the company’s Sustainability Expo on April 20. Employees received one seedling to plant at home and another to share with a friend or neighbor to spread support of monarch butterfly habitat restoration.

With a focus on environmental sustainability engrained in every facet of its operations, BASF is positioned to maintain its stance as a caretaker of the planet—and its resources—for the foreseeable future.

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