BASF Connects in the PNW

February 13, 2017


Known for its snow-capped mountains, numerous hiking trails and live music, the Pacific Northwest (PNW) may not come to mind when you think of agriculture.

However, the PNW is one of the country’s largest, most diverse growing regions. This is particularly true in the case of wheat. The PNW produces and exports multiple varieties of wheat around the world. In fact, according to the U.S. Wheat Associates, 44 percent of exported wheat comes through this area.

In a time when commodity prices are unfavorable, in particular for wheat growers, BASF hosted a one-day informational event to highlight the current state of wheat in the U.S. and in the PNW. The U.S. Wheat Associates, the Oregon Wheat Commission and the Wheat Marketing Center participated in the event and discussed wheat quality, the international market and the industry’s efforts to provide the best wheat for export.

“Wheat producers are continuing to move forward in uncertain markets, and it’s our intention to move right along with them,” said Jim Vandecoevering, Technical Service Manager, Western Region, BASF. “We’ll do this by providing in-field support and innovative product solutions, and through continuous dialog with industry organizations on how to provide high-quality U.S. wheat.”

After a full morning of presentations from Steve Wirsching, Vice President & Director, U.S. Wheat Associates and Blake Rowe, CEO, Oregon Wheat Commission, the group took a tour through the Wheat Marketing Center’s noodle and bake labs.

The afternoon included a presentation from Janice Cooper, Managing Director of the Wheat Marketing Center, who walked through the Wheat Marketing Center’s role in the international wheat market, including specific programs and market opportunities.

“We’re dedicated to research and education in the wheat industry, so this kind of event helps us further our goals as well as yours,” said Cooper.

“It’s amazingly apparent how involved many groups are to have a successful commodity,” said Vandecoevering. “It’s not just a grower planting, harvesting and selling a seed. There are so many other areas that are very important for the desire of the crop.”

A video and audio recording of the presentation, as well as background information on the day’s presenters, is available by clicking “Wheat Summit Materials” below.

Wheat Summit Materials


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