Xemium Fungicide

Xemium® fungicide is an active ingredient from BASF. Powered by Xemium fungicide, Priaxor™ fungicide (for crops including soybeans, potatoes and tomatoes) and Merivon® fungicide (for pome and stone fruits) offer today’s growers a whole new dimension of protection. More continuous action. More consistent performance. A combination of the next-generation chemistry of Xemium fungicide and F500®, the same active ingredient as in Headline® fungicide and Pristine® fungicide, these new products offer more continuous disease control, as well as the Plant Health benefits that make BASF the leader in fungicide research and development.

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How Xemium Fungicide Works

Xemium fungicide exhibits strong, long-lasting activity against a wide spectrum of fungi by inhibiting the enzyme that plays a key role in fungi cell respiration and growth. By suppressing this enzyme, Xemium fungicide disrupts these functions and shuts diseases down.

Xemium fungicide binds tightly to leaf surfaces and continuously moves into the plant from these reservoirs over time. Its special molecular design allows it to easily enter and travel within the leaf. Combined with its high level of activity, this mobility helps ensure longer-lasting continuous protection and more consistent performance in terms of disease prevention and post-infection control.

Consult with your State Regulatory Agency regarding the status of registration of Priaxor fungicide and Merivon fungicide in your State.

Always read and follow label directions. 

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