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Kixor - A new kind of chemistry

Introducing Kixor® herbicide technology. One of the biggest advances in herbicides in years. At the core of Kixor’s revolutionary chemistry is a unique little molecule that delivers big results. It drives a new kind of foliar and soil action on today’s toughest weeds. The weeds in your field have evolved. Now your herbicide can, too.

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How Kixor Herbicide Works

Kixor herbicide technology is the first in North America in the class of chemistry known as pyrimidinedione.Kixor was designed with a novel side chain. This novel side chain means that Kixor is readily metabolized by tolerant crops, which leads to excellent crop safety. The side chain also imparts chemical properties that result in soil bioavailability and foliar activity that enhance weed control.

At the center of the Kixor herbicide technology is a revolutionary new chemistry designed around a revolutionary new molecule. It triggers a fast, powerful action on the kind of tough broadleaf weeds that can compromise yields and ROI. Approved for use on more than 30 crops, Kixor also provides unprecedented flexibility in crop rotation.

Kixor is a potent inhibitor of chlorophyll biosynthesis, resulting in a rapid buildup of reactive oxygen species and lipid peroxidation of the cellular membranes. This drives a rapid loss of membrane integrity, leading to cellular leakage and rapid weed death.

Kixor is readily absorbed by plant roots, shoots and leaves. Once absorbed, it is predominantly translocated via the xylem, with some movement in the phloem.

Kixor herbicide technology and its unique activity drive a new kind of powerful and complete burndown on an extensive number of broadleaf weeds. You can see for yourself in time-lapse videos how fast and complete Kixor is on even the toughest of weeds.

  • Controlling these weeds fast means you spend less time rechecking fields, wondering if weeds will die.
  • Fast, complete weed control allows the soil to warm faster in the spring and make it easier to plant.

The academic community, crop consultants, retailers, growers and independent experts have seen the field trials and examined the data. They have seen Kixor herbicide technology at work and have responded enthusiastically.

Across a wide range of crops in a variety of environments, Kixor herbicide technology has consistently demonstrated its efficacy and flexibility. It enables easy crop rotation and can be tank-mixed with other herbicides for greater efficiency.

In order to use the power of Kixor herbicide technology across the widest range of crops, weeds, soils and environments, BASF has developed a family of four unique products, each one powered by Kixor and designed to maximize broadleaf efficacy and provide you with a new weed control solution for a large number of crops:



Labeled Crops

Kixor herbicide technology is approved for use on a wide range of crops. It has proven safe and effective on wheat, barley, oats, corn, cotton, dry beans (harvest aid/desiccant), english peas, fallow, grain sorghum, pulses, rice, legumes, soybeans and sunflowers (harvest aid/desiccant) and non-crop land uses. Kixor has also proven safe for use on citrus, pome fruit and nut trees.

Always read and follow label directions.

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