Engenia™ herbicide will be a technologically advanced dicamba formulation that provides an
additional site of action for control of broadleaf weeds in dicamba-tolerant crops, including
soybeans and cotton.

Research indicates it will have:

  • Superior weed control and crop tolerance
  • Low volatility characteristics for improved on-target application
  • Broad-spectrum control of more than 190 broadleaf weeds, including Palmer amaranth, waterhemp, marestail, velvetleaf, morningglory and ragweeds
  • Control of known glyphosate-resistant broadleaf weeds in the U.S.

The development of Engenia herbicide demonstrates our commitment to provide growers with new products to help maximize their yield potential and proactively manage resistant weeds.

Download the Engenia Pre-Registration Brochure for Cotton

Download the Engenia Pre-Registration Brochure for Soybean

  • Engenia™ herbicide application flexibility will allow growers to target key weeds with either
    a pre- or postemergence application in dicamba-tolerant crops.
  • Engenia herbicide will provide rate-dependent residual broadleaf control of weeds —
    including Palmer Amaranth and waterhemp — key to resistance management.

BASF has been a committed partner with U.S. agriculture for nearly a century and has been
developing weed control innovations since 1949.

  • BASF is one of the few companies that can and does invest in new chemistries
    for farmers ($450M annual agro-chemical R&D)
  • BASF has more than 50 years of dicamba technical expertise contributing to the continued development and improvement of dicamba for effective applications
  • BASF stewardship programs ensured successful applications of dicamba-based products
    on more than 33 million acres in 2013
    • Engenia™ herbicide will have a similar use pattern in many of the same geographies
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